Short Funky Haircut Ideas for 2019

When it comes to crazy and eye-catching haircuts we mainly concentrate on the shortest styles that are both edgy and trendy. Have a look at some of the most fashionable short funky haircuts for 2019. These flashy and super stylish looks will give you the idea what it is to play with unique haircuts and rainbow shades.Short Funky Haircut Ideas for 2019Short Undercut Pixie

Of course, any kind of short haircut looks harsh on women but when they keep up with the best tricks to make their hair softer they reach the desired look. There are short undercuts for women that have the male touch in them. Stylists offer to dye these haircuts in light and girlish hair colors to make as feminine as possible. You may consider a lovely shade of copper, blonde or light brown. Some like to wear rainbow highlights too.

Short Hairstyle 2019Short Funky Haircut

One of the most unique haircuts for short hair is the following blonde hairstyle. It’s a contrasting combination between short side cuts and textured top part. Sides are straight and the top is wavy and messy. The mixture reminds us of rockabilly styles only in a softer nature. Blonde-haired women can wear it with warm copper toots for a better look. Funky Haircut Ideas for 2019Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Different types of short asymmetrical haircuts can be considered as funky if they are out of standards and look unique. Start the coming season with a trendy uneven haircut and display its structure with hot hair color combinations. Your experiment is going to be fun and interesting. Pick the most suitable asymmetrical haircut for your face shape and hair texture.Short Funky Haircut Ideas for 2019Short Two-Tone Pixie Haircut

Copt Rihanna’s two-tone pixie hairstyle if you see for more attention. Her black shade is combined with a war caramel hue, which provides her hair with attractiveness. This hair color idea is perfect for black women who like undercuts with voluminous top parts. If you have lighter base shade you can try another two-tone hair color keeping the contrast between the chosen shades.short two-tone hairstyle 2019Short Rainbow Hairstyle

What if your stylist offers you a stunning short haircut and hot blend of rainbow highlights? Maybe this is your first step to the world of the fancy fashion. It will become your signature style and will make you stand out in the crowd because you think out of the box. Rainbow highlights can be matched with any hair color. They are versatile and creative.Short Rainbow Hairstyle 2019

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