Lovely Ways to style Your Short Hair

Sometimes do not know how to style our hair and for many women it is a big problem. No matter you have short or long haircut the important thing is to be able to style them correctly. This time we decided to keep our concentration on short hairstyles.short hairstyles People think that if they have short hair they cannot style them the way they want but a lot of celebrities prove that it is not so. At different kinds of Hollywood events you can see celebrities wore short hairstyles in various ways.

So, we want to show you several lovely ways to style your hair and popular celebrities will serve as examples and the source of inspiration.

Cute Pixie

Beautiful Audrey Tautou wore pixie hairstyle at the H&M fashion show. Her messy look was adorable and right chosen hairstyle gave her an opportunity to emphasize her beautiful face features.Audrey Tautou Pixie hairstyleMaggie Gyllenhaal sported short pixie hairstyle at Elle Style Awards. Her look was so fresh and delightful that makes us think about chopping off our hair.Maggie Gyllenhaal Pixie hairstyle Short and Wavy

Next celebrity is Holliday Grainger, whose unforgettable and stunning look grabbed all people’s attention. She wore short haircut and added waves to and a little volume at the crown part beautifully framed her face. Makeup was softly applied which was very tender.Holliday Grainger short wavy hairstyleJourdan Dunn wore cute wavy bob at the Elle Style Awards. The front part of her hair was shorter than back part and a little wavy effect was added to the hairstyle. Smoky eyes and nude lips was excellent match with her dark skin color.Jourdan Dunn short wavy hairstyleAmazing Sleek Bob

Sleek bob hairstyle seems was created to give elegant and romantic look to ladies. Kat Graham from the Vampire Diaries appeared on the red carpet with this hairstyle. Her short slicked bob with back version looked incredibly beautiful. Nude lips and smoky eyes gave her alluring and tempting look.Kat Graham sleek bob hairstyle

Short and Curly

Pixie Geldof wore short curly hairstyle which highlighted her natural beauty. The black color of her hair was really adorable. Nude lips and the black kohl around her dark eyes completed her look.Pixie Geldof short curly hairstyleSpeaking about natural curls we could not forget Lupita Nyong’o. Her African roots gave her an opportunity to wear too much curly hair in short form. Her makeup artist highlighted her beautiful eyes and used glare lipstick to give more impressive look.Lupita Nyong’o short curly hairstyle

Short and Straight

Gwendoline Christie preferred to have slicked back straight hairdo on blonde color. Classic red lips with her white skin and deep blue eyes was a perfect match and highlighted her beautiful facial features.Gwendoline Christie short and straight hairstyleMess up the cut

Lily Collins is really inspiration for those who want to keep their feminine and tender look. She added messy look to her short cut with combed to the side part falling softly about the face. The look is completed with the help of thick brows which have a more natural look.Lily Collins messy short hairstyleAnother extravagant celebrity Rita Ora appeared on the red carpet with sun-kissing blonde hair in a slick back style. The brows were perfectly tattooed and red lipstick highlighted her beautiful face features.  Rita Ora Messy Hairstyle

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