Fake Short Hairstyles that Will Let You Keep Your Long Hair

There are some girls who like to have long hair which help them to feel self-confidence and more comfortable. Long hair gives a more feminine look which is quite important. In spite of these facts long hair has a lot of disadvantages. You will have to waste a lot of money for caring about you hair.Eva Mendes Faux bob Sometimes even it is becoming difficult to style them. But in all cases girls do not want to lose their long hair. For those who do not want to have short hairstyles but at the same time want to keep them in a good quality and form, we have some suggestions.

Go on reading and you will find several fake hairstyles that will let you keep your long hair.

Faux Bob Hairstyle

Nowadays Faux Bob is in the center of attention so why not you also try and see whether it is your style or not. This is excellent way to make sure bob hairstyle will suit you or not. So before going for a bob hairstyle, you can try faux bob one.  Long layers and locks will help your hair to have a more natural look.faux bob hairstylePinned Under with Layers

Those who have long hair but short layers we have a great offer. Pinned under layers hairstyle is a perfect idea if you have a desire to turn your long locks into short ones. A lot of celebrities were spotted with this hairstyle and they can be a good inspiration for females who are not sure to take this hairstyle or not.  Below you can see several celebrities who left locks in front part and pinned the back part of their hair. Their short layers leave impression like they have a short hairstyle while the back part of hair is simple pinned under layers.faux long bob hairstyle

cool wavy layered hairFauxhawk Updo

Another cool hairstyle is Fauxhawk updo. There can be a lot of girls who are fans of this hairstyle but they are not ready to shave their head so, why not we can simply fake it. The best way to get fake Fauxhawk updo hairstyle is to use braids. If you do not want to use braids you can change them with buns.beautiful Fauxhawk Updo

cute Fauxhawk Updo

nice Fauxhawk UpdoPin Curls

In our articles we several times mentioned that retro hairstyles are back, so our next hairstyle is one of the best retro hairstyles, which is represented with new elements. Pin curls hairstyle wore a lot of celebrities for example Christian Aguilera very often perform with this hairstyle. This hairstyle is the best way to create illusion of short hairstyles. All you need is it make your hair curly and then give them a messy look, then pin the back part of your hair.cute pin curls

christina aguilera pin curlsFeel free to do different kinds of experiments with your hair and be sure that you will get the effect that you wanted.

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