2019 Female Military Hair Sock Bun

In this article we decided to help females who work at military. We are going to show you how to get fashionable 2019 female military hair sock bun. It is very easy to style. All you need is to continue reading and follow instructions.2019 military bun hairstyleFirst of all let’s speak a little about a sock bun. There are a lot of different ways to get this hairstyle. Sock bun is one of the easiest ways to make hair. This effortless hairstyle is very trendy in 2019.

We all know that sometimes girl’s hair is a real problem in military. I have seen a lot of girls who cut their hair off because it bothered them during ruck marching. Or they could not find a suitable hairstyle for this work. In spite of all these you always need to have feminine and attractive look. Hair sock bun is one of the best solutions to this problem.

You will need



Bobby pins

Two hair ties

Hair brush or comb

Hairspray or gel

First step is to make sock donut. For longer hair you will need the sock to be long. So, as sock is long your doughnut that you are going to create will be thick. In this case your extra hair will not tuck away in the end. But this method does not work for short hair. You should do the opposite of what we mention, if you have short hair. If you are not able to make materials by yourself you can easily find them in the shop. For those who want to create materials by themselves, should follow the fallowing structures.

Wear clean sock on your foot

Roll it until you will reach to your ankle

Put the rolled up sock off your foot

Cut the sock’s toe part

Roll the sock till you will get a doughnut shape

Next step- Put in ponytail

Create a ponytail at the nape of your neck and make sure that it is low enough for your hat.

Pin your bangs down with the help of bobby pins.

Use spray to smooth your hair down. Notice that you should not spray your ponytail.

Third step – secure sock

Glide your ponytail hair through the sock doughnut.

Try to be sure that the doughnut is at the base of your ponytail.

Next you will need to flip your head over and spread your beautiful hair over the sock.

For thin hair we will advise to get the sock which exactly has the same color as your hair.

Use another hair tie, which is tight enough.

Rectify hair, if there will be need to cover the sock.

During all these three steps keep your head down until you have fixed the next hair tie from moving out of its place.

Fourth step – secure hair

Twist then huddle your hair under bun. Make sure that you twisted all ends together.

After twisting the section, overlay them around your bun in order to fix them in place.

Use bobby pins to pin loose ends of your hair into bun.

Use hairspray to spray the entire part of your head.

Spray extra hairs to make sure that they are fixed in place.

Alternative sock bun

Fourth step will not work so easily for really thick or long hair. So here we have alternative for you.

Continue following step one and two

Lightly cover your ponytail hair with a gel.

Overlay your twisted hair over the base of your ponytail that you have created.

Place one or even two ties around the bun.

For securing loose ends use bobby pins.

Spray with hairspray your final beautiful bun. easy military bun hairstyle

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