10 Side Parted Hairstyles for Men

Actually, there are few men hairstyles, which look amazing and make any boy stylish and sultry. One of those hairstyles is the side parted style, which looks classy and hot. There are 10 hairstyles, which are worth trying this year. Find the suitable option for you and go for attracting girls!

side parted hairstyles for men

1. Short, Slick and Textured

Males with wavy and textured hair should try this hairstyle and have a tidy look. To accomplish this style, you will need to be sure to use a nice amount of hair gel to keep the hair in place while maintaining the shine!

Short, Slick and Textured hairstyle for men

2. Closely Cut Sides and a Back-Swept Quiff

This quaff style can be ideal both for formal and casual days. It is very stylish and has the secret to make the man’s age look younger and more attractive.

Closely Cut Sides men hairstyle

3. Curly Side Parted Men’s Hairstyle with a Messy Touch

This short curly style goes well with square face shapes and gives a natural look. When you finish up with the hairstyle, make sure to have it fixed, and apply some hairspray for long lasting.

Curly Side Parted Men Hairstyle

Curly Side Parted Men Hairstyle

4.Feathered and Flat

This one is less voluminous as the texture consists of many layers. Somehow the style has mess and can be matched with sporty outfits.

Feathered and Flat men hairstyle

Feathered and Flat men hairstyle

5. Side Parted Men’s Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadours have always been considered to be a stylish man’s preference. Take an example of Liam Payne, and create this dramatic and cool look. This haircut can also be chi with no parting. Just try both of them and make your choice.

Pompadour men Hairstyle

6. Double Parted Hairstyle

Double parted hair can firstly seem strange, but it really makes your look more edgy and astonishing. This is perfect for those who plan to go somewhere with a black tie and want to break the rules just a little bit!

Double Parted Hairstyle For Men

7. Wild Curls

Wild curls are not so much common among men. While adding a side part, you are giving a tint of order to such a messy look. This renders your look a good feel of wildness for a purpose!

wild curls for men

8. Men’s Natural-Looking Highlights

The highlights are a great idea for men who want to add dimension to their hair. They make the hair to look like it is heavier and thicker. Although highlights may not be an easy pick for everyone, but they look hot on those who can pull off the look!

Natural-Looking Highlights for men

Natural-Looking Highlights for men

9. Short And Chic Side Parted 

This one is really stylish and cool. Although the hair is short, you can just comb the crown area to one side and create a modern hair look.

short side-parted hairstyle for men

10. Corky Up Sweep

The corky up sweep is awesome for guys with a colorful personality who want to show off their unique personal style through their hair! It looks great with glasses and button ups.

corky up sweep men hairstyle

In general, the side part is very sexy and fun! With so many ways that you can wear it, there is no reason not to try it out! Play with some of the hairstyles mentioned in this article to see which ways suit you the best.

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