5 Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Are you having your sweet teenage years? Don’t hurry to put much makeup and go to the hairstylist every week, as you will have time for it. Now just enjoy your careless youth years and stay natural. Here are some hairstyle tips, which will help you to get your easy and cute hair done. Follow them!

hairtsyles for teenage girls

Fishtail braid
If you have long hair, just make a fishtail braid and have a stylish teen hairstyle. Take it to the side with some pieces left loose in the front to frame the face.

How to Style:

1. Apply a dry spray on your dry hair.
2. Gently tease the crown area to create lift at the top back of your head.
3. Pull a few pieces out of your fishtail braid.
4. Start your fishtail braid low on one side of your head. Begin by separating hair into equal sections and holding one section with each hand. Using your right hand, take a section from the outside of the left section and cross it over to the inside of your right section. Continue fishtail braiding until you reach the ends of your hair.
5. Fix the braid with an elastic band and fix it.

fishtail braid for teenage girls

Shattered and Side Swept
Take texture to the edge this fall season with these short, shattered bangs and soft curls.
How to Style:

1. Dry the excess moisture from hair with a towel.
2. Part hair to the side over one side and section fringe forward and slightly to the side.
3. Spray root booster through hair, concentrating on the roots.
4. Push your long bangs to one side and fix them with a hairpin.

side bang teenage hairstyle

Cute Headband
The stressful sessions will not be bothered by your undone hair. Try this simple hairstyle for 2 minutes and hurry up to school.
How to Style:

1. Dry your clean hair with a hair dryer.
2. Create a messy loose bun with some hair bangs out of it.
3. Fix it in the upper part and put a hairband.
4. Finish the teenage hairstyle with a creative and colorful headband, which will take the short bangs from your forehead.

teenage hairstyles for girls

Mermaid Waves
Sometimes make a little change to your natural straight hair.
How to Style:

1. Part wet hair to one side.
2. Divide hair into four or five horizontal sections and use a gator clip to hold each out of the way as you work. Let the lowest section loose to begin.
3. Start waving the sections. Keep working horizontally, then move up to the next large clipped section until all hair is wavy.
4. Use fingers to gently break up waves and fix it with a hairspray.

Mermaid waves for teenage girls

Mermaid waves for teenage girls

Cute Ponytail

Ponytails have always been the easiest and practical hairstyle. This is an ideal style for a teenage girl, just seconds and your cozy hair is ready.

How to Style:

1. Divide the front side hair into one section each.
2. Make a low ponytail on your back for a secure base.
3. Take two bangs back and twist them around your ponytail
4. Cover the elastic band with your twisted hair.

Ponytail for teenagers

Ponytail for teenagers

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