Celebrity Pixie Cuts

Nowadays pixie haircuts are very popular and there are some celebrities whom we see with pixie hairstyles quite often. The pixie hairstyles are very effortless and you do not need to spend much time while styling them. They are very trendy and also they help to keep your hair away from your face. Not a lot of females like to wear these hairstyles because they think pixie haircuts do not give them a feminine look but they are not right because due to pixie hairstyle you can emphasize your beautiful face features. Of course it is also true that not all females can sport pixie hairstyle but it is worth even one time in your life to try a pixie hairstyle.CELEBRITY PIXIE HAIRSTYLEThis haircut has been one of the most favorite one in Hollywood. So that is why we have decided to take the most beautiful celebrities’ pixie cuts to inspire you to go for it. Have a look at these cute celebrities and think whose pixie haircut you like most and feel free to choose it.

Cate Blanchett

It is said that Cate Blanchett always wanted to sport pixie hairstyle but she was afraid of looking too boyish. But she did not need to worry because as you see due to her pixie hairstyle she looks very feminine and attractive. Her soft makeup gave her more elegant look. She wore her pixie hairstyle on strawberry blonde hair color.Cate Blanchett pixie hairstyleHalle Berry

Holly Berry is a queen of pixie hairstyles. She wears this hairstyle very often and we can say it suits her much. This haircut looks sexy, bold and fierce.It is perfectly framed her face. She always has a great look with pixie hairstyles and even better with a tousled pixie.  Halle Berry pixie hairstyleKatherine McPhee

Another famous celebrity who wore pixie hairstyle is Katharine McPhee. She got a chic look due to the pixie hairstyles. With her fair skin tone it looks great. As you see her makeup artist did a excellent work because her makeup completed the elegant look. With this style she looked quite different. If you also want to have a romantic look, like her, you should go for this style.Katherine McPhee pixie hairstyleRihanna

Rihanna is one of the best singers around the world and she has millions of fans who are ready to follow her everywhere. Rihanna has never been afraid to go for different kinds of changes. It is possible to see her with new haircuts quite often and each of her styles shuts her a lot. The pixie hairstyle is not an exception too. She has a very beautiful face features which pixie haircut makes more vivid. With the side swept bangs her style looks even better.rihanna pixie hairstyleEmma Watson

All teenagers probably know Emma Watson; she can be a good inspiration for a lot of young girls. At first we saw her with mid-length hairstyle but she decided to wear pixie haircut. She was brave enough to go for this kind of transformation. We love her with pixie hairstyle too because it gave her more feminine and sexy look.emma pixie hairstyle

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