Perfect Bad Head Look

Day by day in the streets we can see the impact of fashion on people.  There are numerous hairstyles that this year is trendy very trendy.  Today it is common thing to get out of home with messy hairstyle. It is not important that you have a shaggy look no one will think that you are crazy. So as disheveled looks are so popular nowadays and girls try all ways to have this kind of look, we decided to represent you some tips for getting sexy bad head look.   cool dreamy bed head hairStart with second day hair

For creating this hairstyle it will be a great idea to start with second day hair. Dirty hair holds hairstyle better than any other methods. Due to dirty hair you can have a messy look.

Even if you did not wash your hair three days you will get a good effect. red colored bed head hairstyleTextured for clean hair

In the case that you have already washed your hair and then decided to create bad head look, you do not need to worry. There are other ways to get this look. You need simply to add texture to it. Salt spray for textures will be a great idea and if you have a straight hair you can make them wavy with the help of hair tools like curling bed head hair

bad head updoShake It

If you shake your hair up and down you will get a messy effect.  Flip and rumple it around randomly instead.  After this again give a shake and rumple. In this way it is very easy to get sexy bad head bad hair hairstyle

Scrunch it up

In order to add a disheveled ‘just stand up of bed’ looks, move on and scrunch up your beautiful hair in sections. Use a styling product like mousse or hair gel before you will scrunch your hair so that your hair will be secured for a long time and you will not have a need to worry about.  If you do not want to have a crispy look, do not add much gel or mousse to your hairstyle.braided bad head hairstyle cool messy ponytail

Skip the brush

In the case if you want to put your hair up do not use the brush or any other hair tool which will polish up the look. With the help of your fingers grab your hair and put them anyway that you like. For the better messy look pull out a few strands.blonde messy hairstyle

bed head look hairstyle

cute hairstyle

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