Stylish Bob Hairstyles for Black Women 2019

Black women are supposed to be one of the sexiest females in the world. Their skin complexion is attractive and cannot be remained without any male attention. As regards their hairstyles, sometimes dark-skin women avoid from experimenting with styles and hair colors. That is why the majority of African and American women choose the natural hairstyles, which always look hot and suit their complexion. But this is not the desire of a fashionable black woman to always have the same hairstyle and similar looks. That’s why we have selected the most inspirational modern bob hairstyle looks 2019 for the women with dark complexion to choose from.

wavy bob hairstyle 2019

According to the latest hairstyle trends, bob style is a dominant one. It is very practical in hot summer days, when you don’t want to use a hair dryer and suffer from the heating, the bob haircut can free you from tortures and besides it, it is very stylish in 2019 to apply some hair highlights and rock!

As the time shave changed, black women have other hairstyle options rather than the natural curls. The hair trends 2019 offer you the great choice of short haircuts for this season. Here you can have a look at celebrity bob hairstyles and you will see that short black hair is awesome and sexy.

Wavy bob hairstyles 2019 for thick hair
As the black hair texture has very thick tresses, it is very difficult and requires efforts for the hairdresser to make the hair look thinner. While such thick bob haircuts are easy to make thin and they are very impressive and attractive.

wavy bob haircut 2019

Blonde Bob Hairstyles 2019 Summer
The black women try to remain loyal to their natural hair color, as not to worsen their look and catch too much attention. However, other dark toned females prefer to have a blonde hair color and make a great change in their natural and standard look.

blonde bob hairstyle 2019
Look at the riskiest celebrities, who have changed their hair colors for numerous times despite the skin tone, and still looking pleasant and passionate:


This year Beyonce made a great transformation with her natural blonde curls, and implemented a bob haircut, which is sometimes noticed along with her natural fine waves. This can be a real motivation for women to make a risk and have such stylish haircut.

Beyonce bob haircut 2019

Beyonce- bob hairstyle 2019

Beyonce- bob hairstyle 2019


Rihanna is the best known chameleon. She has changed her hairstyles and hair color for thousands of times, and never annoys her fans with the monotone styles. She can change looks constantly and it doesn’t matter whether her hair is long or short, the result is stunning and inspirational and worth copying.

Rihanna -bob haircut 2019

Rihanna -bob haircut 2019

rihanna bob hairstyle 2019

Tyra Banks

One of the most famous and well known black beauties is Tyra Banks. We have seen her with all possible hair designs, from voluminous Afros to straight long hair. This lob hairstyle with highlights suits her much and makes her complexion more desirable.

Tyra Banks bob haircut 2019

Tyra Banks bob haircut 2019

Tyra Banks- bob hairtsyle 2019

In the end, the Black women turned out to be very creative and while the others are limited with classy variations of bob haircuts, they suddenly invent a bob hairstyles from dreadlocks. Very functional and easy hairstyle, besides it looks fantastic.

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