New Hairstyles for Women to Try in 2019

As the fashion trends change day by day, you should keep pace with the latest trends. Like clothing, hairstyles also become out of date. For example, one year is popular with long hairstyles, while the next one comes up with pixie or bob hairstyles. So, if you want your hairstyle to be very stylish, think much about the possible results, whether it will suit you or not and then implement the fresh and astonishing look! Don’t be afraid of innovations and go wild and check out the hairstyles of 2019!hairstyles for 2019 summerPixie Hairstyles
Pixie hairstyles are ideal for girls, who own tender facial features. This haircut will make you look feminine and brave. For special events, adorn your new haircut with smoky eyes and bright lipstick.

pixie hairstyleGeometric Bangs
Such bangs are the inspiration of the 1920’s. This latest trend will look stylish both on short or long hair. In this summer try to match these bangs with longer waves and have a chic look.

Geometric bangs 2019

Geometric bangs 2019

Side swept bangs
The side swept bangs always look cute and make your look younger. In hot summer days you can just blow-dry your hair and have back-combed bang, which is a very easy and effortless hairstyle. Over the time, you can leave your bang lengthened and change the style from time to time.

side swept bangs 2019
Medium-Length Bob
Bob hairstyles have been considered to be one of the hottest and riskiest haircuts for many seasons. It is a great idea to have such haircut and spotlight your sexiest part of the body- your neck. Try this haircut and die your hair in a sweet color to shine in this season.

medium length hairstyle
Beach Waves
Having such hairstyle can make you dream of a summer holiday on the beach. Beach waves are very easy to obtain and look more beautiful on layered hair. If you have an ombre style, the edges of your hair will become more highlighted and noticeable.

Beach waves for 2019

Beach waves for 2019

Funky Stylized Hair
This crazy and funky haircut is not for every girl. You should be a risky and brave girl inside for applying such haircut. However, if you have already cut it, you should care about the haircut, as the top part needs to be kept long, while the side parts should be super short.

funky hair 2019
Messy Curls
Curls are always up- to-date and suit almost everybody. Meanwhile, they should have wind-blown effect, for looking like your natural curly hair. The bangs can also be curled to have a dolly hairstyle.

messy curls 2019
Textured Short Hair
If you have texture hair, don’t hesitate to have a short haircut too. It will make your hair look longer and ideal even for a summer cocktail party.

textured hairstyle
The 60’s Layered Locks
This retro style is very stylish in 2019 as well. It goes down your shoulders and makes your textured hair desirable. The main thing is to make smooth waves on the lower part of your hair and keep it straight on the shorter layers.

sixties layered locks

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