Hairstyle Trends of Fall/Winter 2018-2019

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 fashion trends are fantastic, bizarre and at the same time very charming. So, hairstyle trends that are displayed throughout the different fashion shows, range from the simple to chic designs.And we singled out the most stylish hairstyles of 2019, which will help you to be in the center of attention of many fashionistas.

fall- winter 2018-2019 hairstyle trends

As regards the trendy hair colors, they mostly include natural colors and few styles of crazy and extraordinary ones. So, don’t be intended to have a mad hairstyle and color in order to be stylish in the coming 2018-2019 seasons. The most unusual hair colors appearing in the latest fashion shows included strawberry blonde, the deep chocolate, bright orange-red, silvery white etc. 

1. Bohemian Waves

The prettiest, coolest and easiest hairstyle of all times! Sometimes girls prefer make braids on their natural hair, and after some hours seem to have an effortful creation of the hairstylist. While the glossy and fixed waves look prettier and more sultry especially on long hair. There is comparison of such wavy hair styled girls with the wild north princess’s hairstyles. In addition to this, celebrities prefer such bohemian hairstyles very much, which help them to shine on the red carpet events.

Bohemian wavy hairstyles 2018-2019

Bohemian wavy hairstyles 2018-2019

2. Pin Straight Hair

We have noticed, that pin straight hairstyles are again stylish in 2018.  The low pony hairstyle is very favorite among many designers and have been used in the catwalk shows. Mainly, the perfect straight bangs fall free about the shoulders and give girls a divine and simple look.

straight hairstyles 2018-2019

3. Center Parts From the 70’s

Center parts are always sexy and classy. They are a means to highlight your face features, especially the forehead. Ellie Saab is one of the designers, who prefer such simple center-parted straight hairstyles. Sometimes, boho waves look great with center parts and make you look feminine and amazing. However, some girls would prefer ponytails with center parts, and have slick gel hair.

hairstyles with center parts fall-winter 2018-2019

Hairstyles with center parts fall-winter 2018-2019

4. Big Bangs All Around

We love bangs, don’t we? What better way to differ from the crowd, if not with your own made bangs? Many models on the runway shows were spotted with their curly or asymmetric bangs. While some blunt cut bangs will have a gothic punk-rocker look. So, such bang cuts are for risky girls and the ones, who have natural straight hair. In case you don’t want to chop your hair, you can embrace the faux bangs with your crown area hair.

hairstyles with bangs 2018-2019

5. Faux Bob Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are still hot in the coming fall/winter seasons. While, even the most fashionable girls can not dare to chop their long hair according to the 2018 trend.  The faux bob hairstyles give you retro appearance and a glam look, especially with the accompany of red or dark colored lipstick and a natural makeup.

Faux bob hairstyles 2018-2019

Faux bob hairstyles 2018-2019

6. Going for the Braids

The simplicity of braid looks are in the preferable list of hairstyles 2018-2019. The braids are effortless and go well with busy and daily looks. A creative step can be added to the standard braids, like colorful ribbons. However, in spite of the one braid styles, there are other options, like cornrows, bun-braids, crown braids, French braid etc.

braided 2018-2019 hairstyles

7. Soft Crimps

There are many designers who have used soft crimps on their models. Some of them are Vanessa Seward,Alberto Zambelli etc. These hairstyle made the models’ look dolly and the hair- artificial. Meanwhile, some prints were used to spotlight the whole look, like necklaces in a flower shape.

Crimped hairstyles 2018-2019

Crimped hairstyles 2018-2019

8. Going All Natural

Natural hairstyle gives individuality and differs you from the others. Some catwalk shows gave a preference to the natural styles. As regards, the hair colors, they were not left natural, and some shades were added, such as the middle on with pink-streaked waves. The Desigual brand used bouncing curls for more fun and simplicity.

natural hairstyles fall-winter 2018-19

9. The Bun Becomes a Knot

Buns are our friends for untidy and careless hair days. The buns appear on crown areas or at the nape of the neck. Here, the models are wearing knot-shaped buns, which are combined with some jewel prints. Such knot buns are clearly attractive and noticeable on light colored hair. So, you can use such buns both on special events or in daily lifestyle.

buns knotted hairstyles 2018-2019

10. Leather is the New Gold

Luxe leather eccentricity! Leather is the inseparable part of Fall/Winter 2018-2019 hair trends. They give a luxurious and glam look. The hair is tied with matte and shiny leather bands and prints. However, the designs come in different colors as well and we are certainly delighted to be seeing some innovative bands on different hairstyles.

leather hair accessories 2018-2019

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