7 Summer Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

As the proverb says: “The middle one is the best”. Here, if not short or too long hair, choose the medium length. As summer hot days are not far away, medium haircuts car the best choice to obtain, as your hair will not touch shoulders ad won’t bother you. In addition, medium length hairstyles highlight women’s delicate facial features, her neck and shoulders, giving a touch of elegance and femininity to her appearance. If you have made up your mind to have your hair cut, check out this list of summer medium length hairstyles and get inspired!
Thus, don’t be afraid to have a haircut for a fresh summer look. Don’t worry, hair always grows back!medium length hairstyles for women

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles
For having medium length wavy hairstyle, you need to apply smooth crème to hair when it is damp and fully blow-dry it. Then you will need to use a curling iron to make curls. To make them look loose, you can put your fingers through the hair and give a natural messy look to your hairstyle.

medium length wavy hairstyles
Medium Length Ombre Hairstyle
This hairstyle is cool when it is done with ultra-bold colors. For example the play of pink and purple colors is for risky girls. If you want to have a dramatic hairstyle, you need to curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron.

medium ombre highlights

Medium ombre highlights

Medium Length Curly Hairstyles
Women with an oval face shape had better do spiral curls on their medium hair, which will open up their face and spotlight the features. Part your hair into several sections and use a curling iron. At the end, open your forehead and take your bangs back.

curly medium length hairstyle 2019

Medium Length Hair with Caramel Highlights
If your natural hair is in dark brown color, add a little change and light it with some shades of caramel, red or dark ginger. For enjoying the colorful result, straighten your hair with a hair iron, while curling the edges a little bit for having a messy effect.

hairstyle with caramel highlights

Classic Medium Length hairstyles
Want to have an elegant hairstyle in a short period of time? You will have to curl your hair for a festive look. Firstly part your hair in sections and apply a mouse. The bangs should be half curled. Fix it with a hairspray for long lasting.

Classic medium length hairstyle

Classic medium length hairstyle

Dramatic Ruby Medium Length hairstyles
Wish to have a dramatic hairstyle? Why not try the red or ginger colors? Summer is full of colors, so such hairstyle will shine and be on the spot. Just curl your hair and have an impressive hairstyle. If you like voluminous hair, brush it and rock!

Ruby medium length hairstyle

Windy Medium Length Hairstyles
Wind-blown hairstyles always look sultry. You need to use a curling iron over your entire hair. While the bangs should be straight and its edges can be fixed down, closer to the curled layers. Finally, fix your hair for not being overblown by the wind.

windy medium length hairstyle 2019

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