5 Elegant 1960’s Inspired Hairstyles of Celebrities

1960’s are back again. The Era of Peace and Love. Feel the nostalgia! As the fashion is turning and turning again and again, the hairstyles are being modern and stylish over the years. We have many decades from which we can get inspiration for our outfits. Brigitte Bardot is the real example of the sexiest hairstyles of 1960’s. Accordingly, 2019 is very significant with such hairstyles, so get inspired by the following celebrity looks and try their hairstyles.

brigitte bardot hairstyle

However, there are many celebrities who have implemented such retro inspired hairstyles, but we have singled out 5 of them for you. 

Queen Latifah

The list opens Queen Latifah- a famous American singer, actress, host, who has preferred a vintage style with swept back hair, which opens her face features and the hair color is harmonized with her skin complexion. She has lightened up her look with white colored earrings.

Queen Latifah retro inspired hairstyle

Queen Latifah retro inspired hairstyle

Kate Beckinsale

Kate loves ponytail hairstyle so much, that most of her red carpet looks include this style. This is inspired from the 1960’s, which includes loosely tucked ponytail and a high back combed hair forelock.

Kate Beckinsale ponytail

Kate Beckinsale’s ponytail inspired from 1960’s

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff preferred the 60’s high bouffant hairstyle. The blonde highlights is decorated with a black chic headband.

Hilary Duff hairstyle 2019

Hilary Duff hairstyle 2019

Gina Gershon

Gina has a real reflection style of the 60’s. The medium bob comes from the early times and the ends of the hair is flipped out. You can add a headband or other head accessorize to this haircut.

Gina Gershon 1960's Hairstyle

Gina Gershon 1960’s Hairstyle

Jessica Biel 

If you have medium lengthened hair, such hairstyle of Jessica can be and an ideal retro inspiration for you. The quiff of “Cleopatra” has been very common for many years. Don’t hesitate to cut such straight bang, even if you have curly hair, you cna always fix it with a flat iron or a dryer.

Jessica Biel's hairstyle inspired from the 1960's

Jessica Biel’s hairstyle inspired from the 1960’s

At last, this has been only a small example of the 60’s inspired hairstyles. You can do such hairstyle and fill it with some modern prints in order to look stunning in 2019.

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