10 Stylish Braided Hairstyles for Summer 2019

This summer is going to be a special one with combo outfits and loosely braided hairstyles. Try hard to acquire such trendy looks for the coming season. The huge amount of inspiration comes definitely from the famous and glamorous celebrities. Choose creative and trendy braided hairstyles for the holiday season, if you want to add a uniqueness to your appearance. Here are 10 trendy braided hairstyles you can copy from celebs!

braided hairstyles by celebrities

1. Partially Braided Ponytail

This is one of the most creative ways of having an easy and charming look for hot summer days. Amanda Seyfried  is wearing partially braided hairstyle, which gives texture as the whole hair is not braided. The hairstyle spotlights her light skin features and looks perfect with pink lipstick and turquoise earrings. To implement such hairstyles, you can divide you hair into two parts and braid them close to the roots, make a loose ponytail from the lower part of your hair. At last, fix your hair with hairspray for the long lasting effect. 

amanda seyfried hairstyle for 2019

2. Textured Side Braid

Ana Beatriz Barro has preferred a voluminous braid with messy edges. So, such look can be a fabulous source of inspiration for you. Simply leave your hair natural and style a loose side braid, pull off the bangs for a more textured effect. Gold glitter makeup will put you in the festive mood instantly!

ana beatriz barros hairstyle for 2019

3. Bohemian Side Fishtail Braid

As Bohemian style is very modern in 2019, such boho inspired hairstyles are also very common for the holidays. Behati Prinsloo’s braided fishtail is one of the easiest hairstyles that you should try this summer. Behati Prinsloo looks like a real princess. To copy her bohemian hairdo, you need to make a thin braid across the top of the head and join it with a loose side fishtail braid. Leave some fringes and rock the day.

Behati prinsloo bohemian hairstyle for 2019

Behati Prinsloo bohemian hairstyle for 2019

4. Messy High Braid

Blake Lively’s regular ponytail is an easy style to try as well. In this case, the hair matches great with the appropriate makeup and accessorizes. You should only gather your hair high into a sleek ponytail, which you need to braid later on. You can gently pull out the loops of the braid to give a texture as Blake has.

blake lively braided hairstyle for 2019

5. Side-Swept Hair With Cornrow Braids

Cara Delevingne’s hairstyle is a cool idea for risky girls, who would like to have a creative and different hairstyle in this summer. The good thing is that, it suits short, medium and long hair. You need to dry your hair and create soft waves with a flat iron. Then sweep it all to the side and make one or two cornrow braids on the other side.

Cara delevingne braided hairstyle

Cara Delevingne’s cornrow braids

6. The Loose Mermaid Braid

Eva Longoria’s super long hair is shining in this mermaid braid. The textured side part, the bangs, the messy vibes of the lovely fishtail braid make this look simply perfect to try for summer evenings. All is accompanied by smokey eyes and a natural makeup.

Eva Longoria's braded hairstyle 2019

7. Center Fauxhawk Braid

If you have short hair, don’t think the braid is impossible. Try this out! Hailey Baldwin’s dramatic look can be your perfect guide. All you need for this hairstyle is to take a tiny section of hair from the front and start French braiding it back reaching the back of the crown. Then fasten the braid with a thin and invisible band and gather the loose hair from both the sides into a loose low bun. You can make your style more trendy with metallic colored eye shadow.

hailey baldwin hairstyle for 2019

8. Textured Side-Braided Updo

Such hairstyles look very romantic and chic. Margot Robbie’s look is easily copied. So you need to French braid your hair loosely starting from the front of your head and making it along the ear. Then style another French braid, which should be tighter and smaller going behind the main braid. Finally connect two braids together at the back of your head and that’s it. A natural makeup will refine your festive look.

Margot Robbie's braids

Margot Robbie’s braids

9. Classic Braided Updo

The elegant and classic braid is perfect for events, especially in hot days, as it will not bother you. It’s sophisticated, will look especially beautiful with a cocktail dress and vibrant makeup. Nina Agdal’s hair is completely bridesmaid-ready, especially with her neutral earth-toned makeup. For this style, you may start French braiding either your center-parted or side-parted hair, reaching the nape of the neck, where you can create a stylish low bun and your hair is done!

nina agdal hairstyle for 2019

10. Modern Schoolgirl Pigtail Braids

These braids are not for everybody. At first sight they can seem childish, while they are a key to make you look younger and cheerful. Alexa Chung has dared to make such schoolgirl pigtails  and has made her look more creative and original. She has tied the ends of her braids with little nude bows, which match her light hair layers. To get this look, part your hair off from the center line and start braiding each section of the hair down to the ends. Full out pieces from the front and shine!

alexa chung hairstyle

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