15 Cool Pixie Haircuts for Women

Take a risky step and have a fresh haircut this summer. Hot days are always causing hair problems, so why not get rid of them for a short time and be stylish? Check out these pixie hairstyles and get inspired for your new haircut and enhance your charm.

pixie stylish haircuts

Blonde Ombre Short Hair
Jennifer looks younger with this stylish ombre pixie hairstyle. It is textured slightly on the ends with super long bangs. The layers are short and are left longer pieces on the top section.

Jennifer Lawrence- blonde haircut

Jennifer Lawrence- blonde haircut

Cute Straight Short Hair
This sleek pixie hairstyle is cut shorter in the back and angled to be longer in the front. The short straight cut is slicked down, which has long bangs and great face-framing layers. This pixie is great on straight hair types with either fine or medium texture.

cute pixie haircut

Short Hair with Long Bangs
The cool pixie has divine layers throughout the back up to the crown that makes it voluminous. The neat side sweeping bangs on the forehead are to contour the top of the face and enhance the short hairstyle.

Rihanna-pixie ahir with long bangs

Easy Short Brown Hairstyles for Women

The adorable short hairstyle is for more textured hair. The cut bangs on the forehead frame the top of the face spotlight the complexion and the cool haircut.

brown pixie haircut

Short Hairstyles with Side Bangs
Another pixie hairstyle is the layered side bangs, which are textured along the bottom edge with a slight razor-cut skill. The neat bangs make the hair feminine and desirable.

pixie withisde bangs

Messy Short Blonde Hairstyle
This blonde pixie haircut is featured by many layers, which give a textured effect and create a messy sexy look. The long side swept bangs make a feminine and chic look. You can have this hairstyle for the formal events and casual days as well.

Messy blonde pixie hair

Messy blonde pixie hair

Boyish Hairstyles for Girls
This short straight hairstyle creates a boyish and risky hair look. The heavy neat bangs hide the forehead and highlight the face features. The layers create dimension. This hairstyle suits many face shapes and occasions.

boyish pixie haircut

Cute Short Hair for Girls
This whispy pixie has numerous layers, which make the short hairstyle full of sophistication and definition. The back is wispy cut right down to the nape of the neck for an awesome finish. This ginger color helps to highlight all the details and plays of the layers.

ginger pixie haircut

Cool Short Hairstyle
The light purple color is fine with this super short pixie haircut. The gorgeous short layers give the splendid hairstyle much texture. Just leave some long bangs round your ears and have a pink punky style.

pixie pink haircut

Awesome Short Hairstyle
This awesome short hairstyle looks cute and stylish. The hair on top is longer, which offers a mysterious volume. The fabulous short hairstyle suits best especially for oval face shapes. This messy haircut is ideal to create in this hot summer season.

Awesome pixie haircut

Awesome pixie haircut

Short Hairstyle with Longer Side Bangs
One side is trimmed shorter near the head, while the other side is kept longer, which make an asymmetric look. The softly razored ends enhance the edgy texture. It is a cool option for sporty and fashionable women.

Miley Cyrus-pixie haircut

Miley Cyrus-pixie haircut

Amazing Hairstyle for Short Hair
The splendid short hairstyle features face framing layers and gives a feminine and cute look. The front layers are kept longer and cover the forehead, thus making it gorgeous and elegant.

cool pixie hair

Modern Faux Hawk
The modern faux hawk hairstyle is both classic and boyish. The side hair is shaven near the head, while the crown area is remained longer, which can be combed back for a cool look. The crazy and interesting short hairstyle is sure to gain many head turns.

Pink- Modern Faux Hawk

Pink- Modern Faux Hawk

Short Side Hair
One side hair is shaved and the back and the other side is kept loose and longer. The asymmetrical hairstyle works greatly on any hair texture and can be very cool if you apply some colors, like two of them for an ombre effect.

short side pixie hair

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